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All Lithuania Newspapers Index

Includes the names of more than 9,000 Lithuanian Jews - extracted from Lithuanian newspapers (lists mostly from the Province of Kovno, State of Douma) from the years 1850 to 1910.
Database compiled and maintained by
Aleksandrs Feigmanis

  • Search the index here and now to see if you see the name(s) of your relative(s) on the list. There are over 9,000 names on several pages. The following link show the first two letters of the first person on each page. Select Return here by clicking on UP balloon.
  • For $35 per name, I will provide you with a copy and translation of the original article. I also probably will be able to tell you where your relative lived. (Click here to send an order or request additional information.)
  • Example of information in newspaper articles:

The database shows Abram Gurvits listed twice once as Abram Gurvitz - 48 and then Abram Gurvitz  - 57. That he is listed twice means there are two articles that contain his name. The numbers 48 and 57 are for my reference.

Here is information extracted from those two articles:

Abram son of Jossel Gurvitz was owner of the house in Kaunas in 4th quarter of the town on Moskovskaya street. He is mentioned in the list of electors in the State Douma (Russian Parliament) in 1907, published in the supplement to newspaper "Kovenskiye gubernskije vedomosti" # 50, 1907.

In addition to the translation of the article I will send you a copy of the original entry)

  • Another example: 

Meilachovitch Berka- 35 -  In 1859 on the page 198 of the newspaper "Kovenskije gubernskije vedomosti" published the Kovno District Court call the heirs of a Jew Berka son of Leib  Meilachovitch to take possession of their inheritance.

In addition to the translation of the article I will send you a copy of the original entry.

  • Another example:

Kor Zelman-12 - The draft commission of Telz District was searching for the conscript Zelman, son of Schmerel Kor, petit-bourgeois of Popelyani (Papile) in Sauliai district, born in 1857. This information was published in the newspaper "Kovenskije gubernskije vedomosti", # 9, year 1878. )

In addition to the translation of the article I send you a copy of the original entry.


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